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Are you interested in giving a gift that will be meaningful for the special people in your life? Gifts from Operation Eyesight make it easy to do that by giving two gifts in one. Each is both a beautiful message to a friend, family member or colleague, and a gift that helps Operation Eyesight work with local partners in Africa and South Asia to transform the lives of children, families and communities in developing countries.

See our gift options below to give the gift of sight! You can also send an eCard gift, suitable for any occasion!

If you are ordering multiple cards or have special requests about the gifts you are ordering, please fill out this form and email us directly. We’d be happy to help you personally!

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Send an eCard

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GG #1 eye surgery supplies

Eye surgery supplies ($15)

Eye infection and eye injury are two common causes of blindness, but antibiotics, other medications and supplies like bandages are in short supply.

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GG #2

New prescription eyeglasses ($20)

You can make an investment that will bring three people’s worlds into focus and give them hope for a brighter future.

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GG #3 training and outreach

Training and outreach programs ($35)

Through training and outreach, we equip health workers to identify eye health issues, make an initial diagnosis and refer patients for treatment.

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GG #4 cataract

Cataract surgery ($50)

Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lenses that robs many people of sight, but a straightforward operation is all it takes to correct this problem.

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GG #8 trachoma

Trachoma surgeries ($50)

Trachoma is a painful eye disease that leads to irreversible blindness, but surgery can save a patient’s remaining vision.

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GG #5

Medicine and supplies ($75)

Give eye doctors what they need to treat infection and other eye conditions. Your gift can change someone’s life today!

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GG #6

Training for eye doctors ($100)

You can fund leading-edge training for primary eye care workers, ophthalmic nurses, vision technicians and eye doctors.

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GG #7

Community eye care ($250)

You can help Operation Eyesight work with a community to deliver the blindness treatment and prevention services it needs.

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