Welcome to the Family, CloudBreak!

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with CloudBreak Eye Care, right here in Calgary. CloudBreak is Calgary’s newest Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Clinic. They provide quality and personalized eye care to their patients, empowering them through eye health education and professional care.

Operation Eyesight has partnered with CloudBreak Eye Care to eliminate avoidable blindness

CloudBreak Calgary

CloudBreak has decided to partner with our organization, offering their patients the option to make a donation to our sight-saving programs each time they are treated.

For those of us living in Canada, we’re lucky enough to have health care and access to quality eye care just a short drive away. But for people living in Africa and South Asia, life is very different. So each time a CloudBreak patient receives treatment, they can make a donation to our cataract surgery program, to our prescription eyeglasses program or to our training for eye health care professionals program. And the best part? For any donation made by a patient, CloudBreak will double their gift by giving a matching donation of their own!

Thank you, CloudBreak! With your help, we will reach more people in need in Africa and South Asia – For All The World to See!