Grey Mist Lifting

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We named our blog Grey Mist Lifting because this expression – or words like it – are commonly heard in the clinics we support. When the bandages come off after cataract surgery, patients often describe what they are experiencing. For example; “Yesterday, all I could see was a grey mist. Today, the mist has lifted. I can see again.”

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Sustainable community eye health care in Nepal

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Operation Eyesight’s work in Nepal goes back to 1973, when we established the Nepal Eye Hospital, the first full-fledged eye hospital in the country. We also played an instrumental role in establishing and/or renovating five other eye hospitals in Nepal, before withdrawing from the country to focus our blindness prevention programs elsewhere. In 2016, after… Continue Reading Sustainable community eye health care in Nepal

Ruth’s story

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  Twelve-year-old Ruth has had more than her fair share of vision problems for her tender age. She started having problems with her eyes when she was just five years old, and her vision deteriorated progressively. Every time her family thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. By the time Ruth was screened at our… Continue Reading Ruth’s story

This Easter, help others see the seasons change

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Kwame with his family
For many of us, Easter marks the much-anticipated turn of the season from winter to spring. Cold and dreary winterscapes are fading away to reveal the bright and welcoming colours of spring. Flowers begin to bloom, trees grow back their lush leaves and the days become warmer, inviting us all to step outside to smell… Continue Reading This Easter, help others see the seasons change

Spring-like rejuvenation for a boy in Ghana

Categories: Eye Surgery, Ghana
It was a very long winter, wasn’t it? Heavy snow, dangerous ice and bitter cold set records in many parts of Canada and the United States. But take heart — spring has finally arrived! The days are growing longer and warmer. If you don’t already, you’ll soon hear excited birds singing their mating songs, and… Continue Reading Spring-like rejuvenation for a boy in Ghana

Gifts for every occasion!

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Happy spring, everyone! If you’re like me, your calendar for the next few months is filling up quickly with birthday celebrations, engagement parties, hockey wrap-up parties (for my grandkids) and, of course, spring cleaning, gardening and golfing. Whew! On top of all that, you might be worrying about when you’re going to have time to… Continue Reading Gifts for every occasion!