Mr. Ken Evans


Ken Evans is a professional engineer in the Calgary petroleum industry. After joining the board in late 2016, he brings to Operation Eyesight more than 25 years’ experience as a corporate executive with an emphasis on strategic guidance of both profit and non-profit organizations.

When Ken was younger, he experienced temporary blindness after a construction accident. This gave him first-hand experience into the world without sight, albeit for only a few weeks. He says, “Without access to the miracles of modern medicine, I would have been relegated permanently to a life of darkness. As a result, the importance of Operation Eyesight’s mission to eliminate avoidable blindness has a very personal meaning to me.”

“The opportunity to restore sight to millions of people around the world is truly a righteous endeavor,” he adds. “I’m pleased to be part of Operation Eyesight’s dedicated team working towards this higher purpose. By bringing sight to the world’s impoverished we can truly make a difference.”